Why a Poster?

IF Collection. Polish Poster – is a gallery of the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Lodz. We collect, exhibit, write, tell stories – in short, we look after art so that it will benefit as much as possible. We cannot break free from the questions: “why such a gallery is run by philosophers”. Here are the most important answers:

  • because we have such a collection,
  • because so often philosophy argues in favour of the experience of art and its benefits that it is not worth resisting these arguments,
  • because there existed the Polish School of  Poster Art and its tradition still lives on, which is an aesthetically, theoretically and historically fascinating phenomenon,
  • because one still needs a poster in life,
  • because there are other arts behind posters, and still other arts behind them; to get to know one poster is often to experience almost everything,
  • because a “bad” poster can be a “very good” one, and therefore it gives food for thought to all who think they know what “good art” is.

WE HAVE A GOAL: Art in public space is a challenge that we should pay attention to and discuss. It would be beneficial for everyone to have this discussion shaped by public sphere. We understand public sphere as a situation of speech (in the form of a speech, written or otherwise recorded) that is articulated publicly and non-anonymously. We want to propagate our own opinions on the values of art in public space and submit these opinions to intersubjective reflection. Our aim is to popularize the art of Polish design and closer acquaint public with it. We want to exchange opinions and ideas about it to everybody in a comprehensive and accessible, yet strictly substantive way. We take into account different interpretations and points of view. The photos themselves are, in our opinion, not enough. The visual sphere itself does not speak clearly enough. Today the more difficult message is no longer competitive. That is why we want to exhibit, write and tell at the same time.

WE HAVE NO STRATEGY! We do not like combative and futurological rhetoric. We regard contact with original work as an irreplaceable auratic value, experiencing it as an undoubted privilege, and knowledge as a support in this pleasure.